Saturday, July 6, 2013

Maine: Lighthouses

Continuing with my Maine posts today!  Sorry for that little break I took.  If you missed the first two posts about our Maine trip, you can find them here and here.  Today I'm going to post about the lighthouses we saw on our trip, there were quite a few!
Again, here is a map of Mount Desert Island where we stayed for a little bit of reference!
Our first full day we went to Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse 
(which is at the very southern tip of the island)
Me and husband!
The shoreline was very rocky, not sandy like we are used to in Georgia.

Then we hiked around to the other side of the lighthouse.
The next day we saw this lighthouse while having a picnic in Acadia National Park.  
We have no idea what the name of this lighthouse was.  
Wouldn't mind being the lighthouse keeper at this one though!
Next up is East Quoddy Lighthouse on Campobello Island in New Brunswick, Canada.  
This lighthouse was gorgeous!  
We couldn't go all the way out to the lighthouse because workers were re-graveling the footpath.  
One of the ladders we had to climb up/down to get to and back from the lighthouse.
That same day we went to the Lubec, Maine lighthouse.  
Lubec is the easternmost point of the United States. 
 I love that all of the lighthouses matched in different patterns of red and white!
Looking at all of these pictures makes me want to go back so bad!  We definitely live in a beautiful country.  Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Emma!

This past weekend I drove up to Henry County to celebrate my niece Emma's third birthday.  We had a luau and the food was so delicious!  My sister did a great job!  Here are some pictures from my sister's phone.
Emma blowing out her candles
Me and sweet Mae, my other niece
My parents and our friend Tracy!
Love this picture of Mae, with my grandparents holding her.
Planning on posting some more Maine pictures tomorrow, so check back!  Hope ya'lls week is off to a great start!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Maine: Bodies of Water

This is my second post about our Maine trip, if you missed the first post, you can find it here!
In this post I'm going to share some pictures of all the bodies of water we saw!  We were on an island most of the time, so that resulted in a lot of water pics. :)
Here's a little map of where we stayed, to give you some context.
Map courtesy of
Our cottage was in Somesville, so these first few pictures were taken at Somes Sound!
Next was Hadlock Pond, which was right down the road.  
They had these logs placed all around the lake.  
There were some giant tadpoles in this pond!
Then we went to a little inlet.  There were a bunch of these little overlooks all over the island.  
I was an island after all...
Our first full day there, it was about 75ish degree when you were at the water.  Right outside of Acadia National Park there was a "beach" area that had some coarse rocky sand.  There were people laying out in bathing suits and swimming in the really cold water.  
Later that day we went into Acadia National Park on the island 
(it's all of the green area on the map).  These pictures were at Jordan Pond, which was absolutely beautiful with the mountains in the background.
There were a bunch of minnows in the water, which sort of freaked me out considering it's the main water source for that part of the island.
But other than that, the water was very clear!
Next we went to Bubble Pond, which was also in the park.  It was very windy at this pond, 
due to the wind coming through the two Bubble Mountains.  It felt about 15 degrees cooler at this pond, and there were whitecaps on the water.
Next we drove up the mountain and saw Bubble Pond from above!
It was windy up there too!
The next day we had a picnic at another part of the park, Bass Harbor (far south end of the map).  There were a bunch of picnic tables facing the water.  It was pretty chilly this day.
This picture is from right up the road, at Manset.  This part of town had a lot of boat repair shops.
Later in the week we went back to the mainland and farther east over to 
Schoodic Peninsula, which is also part of Acadia National Park.  
Thought that was kind of strange since the rest of the park is on an island.
Next we went over to Campobello Island in New Brunswick, Canada.
The water was so clear everywhere, and so very cold!
After making our way back to the States, we stopped in Lubec, Maine, 
which is the easternmost point of the contiguous United States.  
The next couple of pictures are from my iPhone and were taken at Bar Harbor.  We spent most of our nights in Bar Harbor, and sadly I didn't get any pictures from there on my nice camera.  
That's it for the bodies of water pictures!!  Check back in a couple of days for the Maine: Lighthouses pictures!  (Promise it'll be a shorter post)