About Me!

Hello there!  Name's Julie Anna!  This is me!
I'm a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, with a degree in Criminal Justice.
I now live in south Georgia and work at a sound and lighting company.
This is Husband, Timothy!
Quite handsome, yeah?  I am one lucky girl!
Husband and I met in college at the University of Georgia and were married in June 2010.  
He now teaches high school social studies at his alma mater.
This is our gecko, Martin!
And Bing Clawsby, our cat!
More about them two here!
I started this blog as a means to keep in touch with my family, since I have moved about 4 hours away.  My family are my biggest supporters and have helped shape me into the person I am.  I don't know what I would do without them.  That being said, I love the thought of others reading this blog and hopefully adding a little humor to their lives.
Hope you guys enjoy my blog!

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