Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rose City Run 10K

This past weekend, my parents came down to visit and on Saturday, my mom and I ran our first 10K!  We did the Rose City Run in Thomasville, and we did great!  We were both a little nervous that it would be too hot, or have too many hills.  But the course was actually a great course, and that early in the morning it was pretty cool out.
Here's us before the race.  We got the giggles because 
mom was having a difficult time getting us both in the frame.  This is like take 5.  
We decided to start in the back of the pack, considering that the people in the front averaged a 5 minute mile.  There were about 450 people running the race, most of them faster than us, so we just hung around the back.  Once the race started, we realized we had chosen a good spot.  It was pretty cool going up the first hill to see about 300 people in front of us and to turn around and see about 150 people behind us.  We both felt good throughout the race, and kept pace with a young couple who were pushing jogging strollers.  I was very impressed that they were keeping around a 10 minute mile pace while pushing two kids.  The only rough spot was about 3/4 mile from the finish, a hill that is affectionately known as "heartbreak hill."  We made the mistake of stopping for water at the top of the hill, with about 1/2 mile left to go.  There were little girls cheering and handing out water, and I felt bad not accepting a cup.  But when we started running again, our legs felt like lead and we both realized we never should have stopped running.  But we pushed through it and crossed the finish line at 1:04:33!  I was just hoping to get under 1:07, so I was very pleased with out time.  I came in 299th place, and mom was 300th place!
Note to self: keep running past the finish line in 
case there is a photographer standing there. (Mom is right behind me in the purple.) 
The course.  (I didn't shut my running app off until we got to the registration tables, 
so the time and distance is off.) 
Our splits:
Was glad we had a negative split (second half was faster than first half).  The last part of mile 5 had the largest hill, and was just as fast as our first mile!  What's up with that?!
And here we are after the race!
The things I enjoyed about the race were that they had popsicles and a coke fountain and other treats at the end, and throughout the course there were people cheering.  About halfway through there was a high school band and cheerleaders out to cheer us on.  That's the great thing about a southern community, they really support events like the Rose Festival and Rose City Run.  This is definitely a race I'd like to do every year.  
In other news, my parents brought down my trees they got me for my birthday!  We planted some strawberries in the pot as well, and they'll come back each year.  It will be several years before the trees bear fruit, but I think they will do great in this hot part of Georgia. 
Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree
Dwarf Venous Orange
Speaking of birthday presents, I also bought some sunglasses with the birthday money my grandparents gave me.  
I got a really pretty maxi dress and Nike golf polo from my in-laws!  And husband got me a new water bottle, book, and stoneware tea cup I've been wanting!

I'm a very blessed girl!
Hope everyone is having a good week!


Anonymous said...

Baby Girl, Enjoyed this post. Sounds like the race was good, the picture of you and Mom at the end was just as cute as the one at the beginning. You look soooooooooooo sharp in the sunglasses! You got some really neat presents! Lucky,spoiled litte girl.
Look forward to seeing you this week-end.Love you. Tell Husband hi for me. Nannie

Ashley @ Downsizing said...

I just came across your blog and started following on google friend connect. I'm a novice runner who is (slowly) trying to build up my speed and distance so maybe you can inspire me to keep trying!

Ashley @ http://downsizingashley.blogspot.com/