Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Movie Game! Update: CONTEST CLOSED

I remember growing up, I absolutely hated long car rides.  Most of the time I was content to read or sleep, but occasionally I would get really antsy and become really annoying to my family.  This usually took the form of picking on my sister, high pitched squealing, or whining about how my legs hurt.  We would then try the usual games like the "ABC Game" or "I Spy," but those got boring as I got older, and thus a little more intelligent.  So my family one day came up with a game where we replaced the words in movie titles with synonyms.  The number of words in the new movie name doesn't always match the number of words in the original title, because sometimes that's impossible to do.  The person who guessed the right answer first got to give the next synonym clue.  For example: "A Tale Concerning Playthings" would be this awesome movie:

So for my first giveaway as a new blogger, I decided to have a little contest.  Below I have listed 10  movie title synonyms for you lovely readers.  For each correct movie title that you guys email me, you will get one entry into a drawing.  So if you guess 10 of the titles right, you will get 10 entries.  Even if you can't guess them all, at least try for one because you'd still have a chance to win the prize.  The more you guess correctly though, the better your chances.  Ya'll understand probability right?  Ok good.  At the end of this week, Saturday, February 11th, I will use a random number generator to decide the winner.
So now I'm sure you guys are wondering, what's the prize?  Well my lovely people, since I'm a working girl with a brand new house and an insatiable appetite for ice cream, I've decided that the winner will receive a $5 gift card to Dairy Queen!  Yay!  I know it's not much, but it will more than pay for one of these delicious treats: (photo courtesy of Dairy Queen, obviously)

So you guys ready?!  The clues are below.  The movies I have chosen are pretty well known movies, some are animated, some are live people movies.   

Once you think you've got some guesses, do the following:
A. email your guesses to me at julieannahelms[at]yahoo.com (replace that at with an @, I don't want spam).
B. Once you email me your responses, post a comment below telling me that you emailed me your guesses.  (You'll see a "Comments" link at the very bottom of each post, in the dark maroon section.)
C.  Please do not post your guesses/answers in the comment section below!  I don't want any cheaters stealing your answer! 

So recap: email me your answers, and then leave a comment saying you emailed me, below.  That'll help me keep better track of who all has entered the contest.

Alright kids, put your thinking caps on: (oh and remember that the new title and original title don't always have the same number of words) Here are the clues:

1.  Satan Dons Pricey Heels
2. First Meal at a Diamond Store
3. Away with the Breeze
4. The Upstanding Female and the Vagrant Male
5. A Frigid Lump of Earth
6. The Quietude of the Even-Toed Ungulates
7. The Lawless Groups of the Big Apple
8. Male on a Thin Thread of Metal
9. The Feline Ruler
10. Traverse  the Queue

Good luck everybody!  Please remember, don't post your answers below, just a comment telling me that you have emailed them to me.


Anonymous said...

put me down for 9/10 correct-

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here is one Robert and I came up with. "Refuge of Window Dressing"

Teresa Close said...

Ok....I'm all in sent my email!

Anonymous said...

Check your inbox and put me in!! J. T.

Anonymous said...

Sent you an email!!!!
Not gonna lie u use big words...
<3 you!! Brooke

Anonymous said...

Check your E-mail from Nan...I have tried, believe me I have tried.

Michelle S. said...

I just sent you my answers. :)

Catrina Bradley... said...

I'm in! I think I got all 10, but there's one I'm not positive about. :)

Ruth said...

Sent you an email...not sure of most of my answers, but what a fun game :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Julie Anna, another movie title clue: Second person pronoun, an equal part of something divided in two, letter delivered by the postman. :-)