Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I hope all you fathers out there have had a good Father's Day today!  I wanted to take a minute to give a little shout out to my father and father-in-law.
I have been blessed with a wonderful, patient, loving, smart, hilarious father.  He passed along his love of reading to me, his good looks (I look just like him), and hopefully more of his good traits.  He has so many of them, I would be happy to acquire any of them!  So thanks, dad for always being there for me and setting a wonderful example of a Godly life.  You da best, can't wait to see you next weekend!
Me and Daddy at my wedding 2010.
I also want to say thank you to my father-in-law; for raising an amazing son who would become my husband, and for always being there for us.  It's hard not living near my parents, but having my wonderful in-laws close by makes it a little bit easier.  Happy Father's Day!
Mr. Tim, me, and Timothy at Cape San Blas 2012. 

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