Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mule Day 2012!

Yesterday Timothy, myself, and Mr. Tim (my father-in-law) went to Mule Day one town over in Calvary.  Mule Day is a huge one day festival, with hundreds of vendors and food trucks.  Thousands of people from all over the south travel to this festival each year.  It's a huge deal down here, and always proves to be an interesting day.  Below are some highlights of this year's Mule Day.
The Parade.  The Mule Day parade usually includes several local school marching bands, men on huge tractors, and hundreds of people on horses.  These horses' "deposits" make traversing that road after the parade quite a smelly affair. 
You can kind of see the marching band trumpets in the middle of this picture.
The Chicken Show.  Yes, there are performing chickens at Mule Day.  They even had a chicken who played the piano. 
 The crowd.  Ok, so this is not exactly a positive.  Especially when it is really really hot and some people don't understand the necessity of deodorant.  Also, hellloooo passive aggressive mothers with strollers.  I about lost all of my toes thanks to you.
Freshly ground Mule Day cornmeal.  I see some yummy cornbread in our future.
Delicious apple butter.  Just had some of this on some biscuits.  Yum!
The cane syrup making.  Cannot imagine how much literal sweat went into the 
making of this syrup. 
And that was Mule Day 2012!  You guys should come next year!


Anonymous said...

Baby Girl, I am behind with my post to your blog...sorry, but I know you understand that the past week kind of went in a blur to say the least.
Now, to this blog of Mule Day..I love it and can relate to MUCH of the days festivities,since I grew up actually seeing some of the sights you saw being performed. The canning of apple butter, the actual making of the cane syrup,the chickens running around,the horses and a few mules,were a common site on my Grandpa and Daddys' farms when I was a child-early teen. Brings back some sweet(some stinky)memories but all of them good memories of good times with a GREAT family. Glad you got to experience it, Husband too. More of todays youth would benifit a lot from such avenues of interest if they would just be where the interesting things are happening.
Thanks for sharing with me...Luv you, always have, always will. Nan
(That's what they thought,huh Ju?
Well, I guess Robert said it well last night as he turned in to go to bed...The sun did come up again this morning and...God is still in control. I am happy about that,aren't you? ......Luv U, Nan

The Chickenman said...

Hello! I regularly search for posts about our Eggzibit, The Poultry Palace. I came upon your blog when I searched “Mule Day Chicken.” We are thrilled that we made such an impression on you. Your first picture of us is Fruit Punch our Orpington Rooster playing the piano. You, and all the other Mule Day patrons, are lucky; because Fruit Punch barely played at the previous show in Milan. He enthusiastically played at the Mule Day Festival; and didn’t play a note at the SwineTime Festival in Climax. Working with chickens is like working with a two year old. Sometimes they do what you want; sometimes they do what they want. Thanks for posting about us. You can see more about us and get a link to our Facebook page on our website Thanks for visiting our coop!