Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day!

Hope you guys voted today!  I did early voting last week, and thankfully didn't have to go to the busy polls today.  Eager to see the results!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Baby Girl,

I have a GA peach sticker just like yours.
I voted this year just like you.
Now, let us see how long until I get that Jury Duty Questionaire which I faithfully received when I use to vote in Clayton County. From several duties at the local court house, 1 in downtown Atlanta and 1 time on GRAND JURY duty which can last up to 12 weeks, if needed. They go by these three things, or so I have heard, for their selection of canidates.
#1. Must be registed voter
#2. Must be property owner
#3. Must have an UNBLEMISHED
public law abiding citizen

Oh well, maybe they did overlook me on one of the above...but...2 out of 3 han't bad, huh Julie?
Love you, Nan