Thursday, August 23, 2012

cAtticus Finch

So it seems we have a new member of the family.  And no, I am not pregnant. (I figured some of you would think that).  We started noticing a little gray cat hanging around a couple of months ago.  He was very skinny and very skittish so I felt bad for him and fed him.  Husband would probably say that was my first mistake (he's not a huge cat fan), but I just couldn't chase him away.  The cat, not Husband.  :)  Though I wouldn't chase Husband away either! 
 For several weeks, I would sit outside after my runs and pet Bing (my other gato) and just kind of ignore the gray cat.  I guess he eventually realized that tall brown headed girl does not, in fact, eat cats, and got comfortable enough to let me pet him.  Soon after, it became apparent that gray cat liked our digs and our foods and was going to assimilate himself into our family.  I finally caved in and gave him a name.  cAtticus Finch.  (If you're not sure who that is referring too, blame your English teacher and then check here).  I think the name suits him, what do you think?
What you talkin' 'bout Willis?
 He makes me a little sad because he's always so serious.  Bing wants so badly for him to play, but he just won't.  It's like he had no childhood!  Or, well, kittyhood, I guess?  Maybe he'll loosen up a little.  Husband still calls him "gray cat"  But right now, he definitely reminds me of Gregory Peck's 1962 interpretation of that famous character. What do you think?
 I guess it's time for a little bloggy name change?  A girl, a guy, a gecko, and los gatos!


Allie L. said...

He is so pretty!!!! Maybe Bing will loosen him up after a while :)

Anonymous said...

I feel so educated when I read your blog. I would never have known where the name you gave gray cat came from had your post not said "check here", I did check and found so much info about how gray cat got his Atticus name. Love it. He is very pretty. Bing will come around and change his attitude one of these days! Nan