Saturday, October 20, 2012

Skink in the Sink!

Well, it was actually in the tub.  But that title sounded more Dr. Seuss-ish.  :) 
The other morning I was trying to get ready in the bathroom, but Husband aka Mr. McSteamy, was fogging up the mirrors with his fire hot shower.  Steam/humidity and my hair do not get along well. At all.  So I went to the guest bathroom to finish getting ready.  Right before I turned on the hair dryer, I thought I heard a sound from the bathtub.  Now, since before I can remember, I have always checked behind the curtain in the middle of the night when I got up to piddle.  For some ridiculous reason, I think that a murderer would break into my house and be like "ooooh a shower!  Let me hide in there!"  I never said my fears were logical...But anyways! When I pulled back the curtain I saw this guy!  Definitely the most harmless possibility to be waiting behind that curtain.
He was so tiny!  And he was still in that creepy stage where he was transparent and you could see all of his organs.  I went to show him to husband a few minutes later and he was halfway down the drain.  So I'm figuring that's how he got in?  'Cause there are no windows in the bathroom.  Later on that day at lunch I checked to see if he was still in the tub, and there he was just looking at me!  So I got a little cup and rescued him. 
I freed him outside, which I think probably made Martin cry foul, but oh well.  :)  Hope you guys are having a good weekend!

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