Monday, October 22, 2012

25 for 25 UPDATE!

So I realized at the end of last week, that this past weekend was my half birthday!  Because of that, I wanted to do a little update on my 25 FOR 25!  I deleted the original dialogue out and just put the main objective.  If you'd like to read the explanation behind each goal, check out the original post.  Here goes!

1. Send out 25 cards:
        1. Mom for Mother's Day
        2. Nannie for Mother's Day
        3. Mom-June
        4. Nannie-June
        5. Allie-June
        6. Emma-July
        7. Allie-July
        8.  Nannie-July
        9.  Emma-October
      10.  Mom-October
      11.  Aunt Sarah Lea
You want to get a little note from me!  Leave me your address!!

2. Call family members at least once a week:
I've done pretty well with this one.  Though I did adapt it to more like "text or email several times a weak."  I just can't get over my issues with talking on the phone.  I just hate it!

3.  Remember people's birthdays:
I've been alright with this one.  Though not too many people have had birthdays since April, in my family at least. 
4.  Run 366 miles:
So far I have run 196.95 miles, so I am about 10 miles ahead of schedule this year. Yay!!


5.  Run a 10K:
I'm prepared for this, I think.  As you already know from this post, I ran 7 miles straight the other day.  There aren't too many races here in south Georgia, and no 10ks before next spring, so I might have to run one of these up near Atlanta when I visit my family next. 
6.  Run a mile in under 8 minutes:
Not sure if this one will ever be attained!  haha!  I've decided that at least one day a week I am going to try to run a fast mile.  I did that last night and ran one in a little under 9 minutes.  The route I took had a big hill in it though, so I might cheat on this one and try to run it on a track to get my time down.  We'll see!
7.  Finish a 5k, sub 30:XX:
I haven't run a 5k since my birthday, so I haven't really had a chance to test this yet.  Not sure if I will be able to do it, since in my practice runs I'm still around 33:XX :(
8.  Lose weight:
I actually have done alright on this goal.  By my measurement about a month ago, I had lost about 10 pounds.  Not focusing so much on the pounds lost, more so on the way my clothes fit and how I feel.

9.  Give more of my time and money to help others:
Haven't done so well on this goal. :(  I haven't had too many opportunities here lately, but I also haven't really been looking earnestly for them either. 
10. Make 5 recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking:
Notta :(  Dern Pinterest is just so much easier!!!
Speaking of Pinterest, here's a recent Pinterest recipe win!  You should definitely make this cake.  Super easy, super delicious!

11.  Make 5 recipes from the Joy of Cooking: 
Notta.  Again with the Pinterest!!
12.  Attend 5 concerts:
       1. Punch Brothers
We were actually supposed to go to a show this past weekend, but it was sold out before we could get tickets. :(  I blamed this on Husband and gave a pretty authentic rendition of "My half birthday is ruaaaaaaaned!" but then he took me to get pizza and garlic sauce and all was well with the world again.  We do already have tickets for a show in January though! 
Here's who we're going to see!!!!  The Civil Wars singing "My Father's Father" in the California redwood forest (where Husband and I went on our honeymoon)

13.  Read 2 books a month: 
       So far:
       1. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children-fiction
       2.  Let's Pretend This Never Happened-nonfiction
       3.  The American Heiress-fiction
       4.  Mrs. Kennedy and Me-nonfiction
       5.  The Dovekeepers-fiction
       6.  Unbroken-nonfiction
       7.  The Poisonwood Bible-fiction
       8.  The Silver Linings Playbook-fiction

Welp, I said this would be easy.  But I am currently in a book rut.  I have started 3 different books recently but haven't finished any of them.  Any suggestions?

14.  Read through at least the New Testament:
Not as far along in this one as I need to be.  We started a new Bible study in our Sunday school class, so I've been reading that some nights instead of just from the New Testament, but that's really not a good excuse.

15.  Read the Count of Monte Cristo: 
Have NOT even started this one.  Eck!  That tome is just staring me down, man!

 16.  Create a family tree: 
Actually got a pretty good start on this in my visit with my grandmother a couple of months ago.  Need to get it all organized and written out though. 
17.  Learn to sew:
Not yet!  My parents are coming down in a couple of weekends though, maybe we could do that then Mom?
18.  Watch 25 new-to-me movies:
Ok, I have definitely already accomplished this.  Haha.  Lazy much?  Don't remember all of the titles, but the most recent one I saw was Argo.  A definite must see!

19.  Re-learn French: 
I've worked on this a little bit, not as much as I need to though. 

20.  Take 500 new pictures:
I'm about halfway there on this, thanks to our Darien Trip
21.  Go to Wakulla Springs:
Haven't done this yet, maybe soon?  The weather is finally cooling off, as you can see, and it might be time to go! (Why yes, this is "cooling off" for hot as hades south Georgia, thankyouverymuch!)

22.  Go to 3 parades:
I haven't seen an advertisement for a single parade!  I think the highschool's homecoming is soon though, don't they usually have one for that?

23.  Go on vacation to a city I've never been:
Darien trip!

24.  Paint my toenails a different color each month:
I think I've pretty much accomplished this one!  I've tried to take pictures along the way and will post those in April when I'm done!

25.  Write 200 blog posts:
65 down, 135 to go.  Definitely behind on this one!  Yikes!

So overall, I am waaaay behind.  It's actually a little bit embarrassing.  I'm pretty caught up on the fitness goals, but on all of the other ones, I am more than a little behind.  I need to kick my booty in gear and start focusing on the spiritual and intellectual goals as much as I have focused on the physical ones. Anybody got some extra motivation around that they'd like to lend me?!


Anonymous said...

Now don't be so hard on yourself. You really set a lot of goals to met,especially since you are a working girl with a husband. Not a lot of extra time left somedays. I suggest on the reading of the New Testament, you simply read 1-3 Chapters per night. Adds up! I'll think on the others and let you know if I can help. Great job on the physical challenge though!!!!Nan

brooke said...

i suggest combining some of these! Kill two, three or shoot even four birds with one stone! New books.. that could be books of the bible and books like Monte Cristo..thats 3 in 1! Find ways to get it done!, you're a smart girl, and very ambitious..hop to it! Oh, and reward yourself every so often! Set short goals for when you accomplish a few things, then set a reward.. and stick to it!! If you're always looking forward to something then I think you'll work harder!
--brooke :)