Sunday, January 20, 2013

Poultry Palace

Back in my Mule Day Festival post in November I wrote about the Poultry Palace Eggzibit.  A couple of weeks later, I saw a comment on the post from the Chickenman himself!  I was so excited that he decided to comment on my post, that I asked him if he would do an interview for my blog.  Thankfully he agreed!  His responses are below!

1. How long have you been working with your chickens?
We bought our first two chickens, Bantam Blue Cochins, at the pet store in the Albany Mall as an impulse purchase on December 23, 1998. We had no coop or knowledge of how to keep them. We learned that they liked to sit on the couch, eat popcorn and watch the same movies we liked.
The Chickenman!
Photo taken by me at Mule Day 2012
2. How many chickens total do you guys have?
We generally take 12 chickens to each show. We have 20 “Show” Birds; so it’s hard to decide who goes and who stays. We have about 6 birds that are retired, and ten more potential stars coming up.
3. Where all do you guys travel with your Poultry Palace?
We’ve traveled from Moulton, Alabama to Madison, Florida; mostly in Southwest Georgia. You can visit our history page on our website for a complete list of the events we’ve attended.
4. Which festival is your favorite to attend?
We have fun at every festival, even if it rains; but our favorite is The Wild Chicken Festival in Fitzgerald, Georgia. We were made for that festival. That’s where we started. It’s really neat so see how The Wild Chicken Festival and we have grown together.
Strawberry: Half Rhode Island Red Rooster
Photo courtesy of
5. What is the most enjoyable aspect of working with chickens?
We enjoy the love from the chickens, the laughter from the children, and the amazement from the adults.
6. The most frustrating?
Closed minded event planners that are used to doing things the some old way, when we have so much more to offer.
7. At your Mule Day presentation we noticed you have an educational aspect to your show, do you guys go to schools to do presentations?
We have done a couple of “Fall Festivals” and “Farm Day” after school events; but no classroom training with the chickens. A rooster’s crow can be heard up to a mile away.  Just imagine that in a classroom.
Tom: Turken Rooster
Photo courtesy of
8. How long has Fruit Punch been playing the piano?
Fruit Punch was a gift for Abby’s sixth birthday, she’s 7 ½ now, about a year.  We have a video on facebook of his training at 4months old.
Fruit Punch playing the piano!
Photo taken by me at Mule Day 2012
I want to say a special thanks to the wonderful people at the Poultry Palace for agreeing to the interview!  For more information please visit their website or find them on Facebook at Friends of the Poultry Palace Chickens.  Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love this post, Julie Anna! Looks like you had a cozy evening when you got home--and I need to go see chickenman!

Mrs. Lois

Anonymous said...

Well I must say this was interesting, Tom, Turkinchicken, is not pretty at all (sorry Tom)but the strangest looking whatever I have seen. lol.

Luv u, Nan

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