Monday, September 10, 2012

Grandparent's Day

So yesterday was Grandparents Day, and since Husband and I weren't able to see our grandparents in person, I thought I'd post some favorite pictures of our grandparents!  Enjoy the picture overload!

My family!
My great-grandparents Smith.  I'm the little brown headed one on my sister Allie's lap.
Me, my great grandfather Radford, and Allie
 Allie, Me, MawMaw (Dad's mom)
Nannie (Mom's mom) and me
Grandaddy (Dad's dad) Allie and me
PawPaw (mom's dad), Mom, Me, and Allie
Me, Allie, and our grandparents!
 Everyone plus my parents!

 And now for Husband's family!!!
Timothy's grandad (mom's dad)
Timothy's grandmother (mom's mom)
Timothy's grandmother (dad's mom)  and Aunt Alice
Timothy's grandmother and grandfather (dad's mom and dad)

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Anonymous said...

Hi My Blogger Friend, Don't look at the time this was being answered as it has been a sleepless night in Locust Grove. Don't know why, just has. Anyway I just remembered I didn't check your blog for the past 2 days,so I have been on it and I love your post of speaking thru pictures for "Grandparents Day". What a gift to us (the grandparents) to be able to look at these pictures of the past and smile at each one as they bring back memories of years ago when you grandkids were just "little people." I also enjoyed seeing husband when he was a baby/little boy and so cute.

Thank you Baby Girl for such a sweet and personal message. I am sure I speak for every grandparent who sees these wonderful memory pictures. Love you..........Nan