Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pins and Picks

You know the observation that women leave bobby pins everywhere?  Well I pretty much embody that fact, and at any time there is a pretty good chance that I have a bobby pin within arms length.  Well, I think I have found the male equivalent to bobby pin droppage, at least for my husband. 
Guitar picks:
This one somehow wound up in the garage.  My favorite is when I find them in the dryer, right alongside my bobby pins.  
And why yes, those are my cute rain boots.  It was raining outside today. :)
Was it raining where you live?


Anonymous said...

Lol! You are def the Bobbie pin queen and love those boots!!!

Anonymous said...

Was not where I live this past Tuesday, however, it was beautiful where I was at in Gulf Shores....yeah, you are a bobby pin girl..............Nan