Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I had a very successful Labor Day weekend, and hope you guys did as well!  I jokingly told my mom that the theme of the weekend was definitely food!  :)
It started out with my usual "drive up to Atlanta food," Taco Bell.  Right before I ordered my food I had been texting my old roommate Joy, the one who made me go inside the restaurant in my robe.  She used to always get the Caramel Apple Empanada's, so I decided I should try one this time.  Well, let me tell you friends...this little sucker got himself a name change that night.  I shall now, and forevermore refer to them as Nepalm Empanadas.
 You see, these things trick you.  The first couple of bites are just delightful, wonderful crispy dough with just a little bit of apple filling.  But then you get about halfway down and realize that gravity has left you a very cruel and very hot surprise.  Because buddy, the filling that has all pooled in the bottom is at about 500 degrees.  This discovery led to a scorched lip and a huge blob of apple filling falling all on my dress. Fail.  I waited like 20 minutes before I tried to eat the rest, and it was still too hot!  Just tragic!  If I didn't love Taco Bell so much I might consider suing like that lady did after her McDonald's coffee incident (I wouldn't really, but she is now rich, and I just have a burnt lip).
But anyways, I digress!
Saturday morning was sausage and homemade pancakes before my parents headed to a wedding.  I was able to relax a little at home and then go shopping a bit at the outlet mall before I met my grandparents and parents at Olive Garden for dinner.  It was so delicious and we all stuffed ourselves.

That night, Nannie and PawPaw had invited me to spend the night with them, so we all headed to their house to watch some football before bed.  Me, my sister, and grandparents have always had a tradition at Nan and Paw's house of a little snack picnic on the floor when we spend the night.  Although we were all stuffed from Olive Garden, we still had our little snack.  And it was delicious!  We were just missing my sister!

 After my parents headed home me and Nannie looked through some books that have our genealogy in them.  The books were neat, they were compiled by the county in North Carolina where my grandmother grew up and were pretty thorough!  It was neat looking through the pictures and reading about my family.  One of my goals this year is to do a family tree, and Nannie is going to help me do it.  We got a pretty good head start, I'd say!
Sunday morning we were all heathens and skipped church to have a huge brunch together at my grandparent's house.  It really reinforced the theme of the weekend. :)  We all gobbled the food up before I thought to take a picture.
Sunday afternoon me and mom went shopping a little more and found some great deals.  We headed home to a steak dinner cooked by my awesome father.  Budgie the cat helped a little too.
Nannie and PawPaw came over again and we got to have our third meal of the weekend together.  It was great to be able to spend so much time with everyone.  Before we ate our food, we each got to drive my PawPaw's 1965 Mustang that he just got finished restoring.  It is such a pretty car!  I was a tad bit afraid to go fast, but neither my mom nor dad had the same inhibition it seemed!  The engine is so loud it makes you feel like you're going faster!  

Monday afternoon Dad wasn't feeling well and I needed to head back south, just a sad day all around!  The drive back was pretty uneventful and I returned home to a freshly mowed lawn and vacuumed house, courtesy of my cute Husband!  Like I said, a very successful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Baby Girl....L Ill B...This was a wonderful blog! Last week-end with you and others in the family just refreshed this Nan. Love you for making the long trip to spend some time with us. I am looking forward now to this coming Fri.night as Allie has invited us over to celebrate "Grandparents Day"with dinner for us. Of course seeing my Emma will be a big high-light to my day. Be sweet...Nan