Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Smart as a Skink

The past couple of weeks at night, when I'm in the bathroom taking a shower or just brushing my teeth, I have a little company.  This guy:
It's a little skink!  And he's a pretty smart little reptile.  He sits on the other side of this window and catches the bugs that smack in to it while flying towards the light.  When lizards are babies like this, they're almost transparent and you can see a dark spot on his stomach as it gets full of bugs. 
He started hanging out at the window at night when he was about an inch long.  He's now around 3 inches long and growing every day!  I'll try to post pictures of him every now and then as he gets bigger. :)  Hope everyone is having a good week!

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Anonymous said...

So cute........I think you should just put the skink into the glass bowl (the one with the moss ball in it)therefore, skink would have a see-through house, company with you and husband and you can always catch some bugs for his dinner.

Look forward to more pics as he grows!.....Nan