Friday, September 7, 2012

Morimo moss ball many of you guys know, Pinterest can be a definite time suck.  In addition to that, it can make you want to buy a whole new wardrobe, remodel your house, or get that 6 pack you haven't seen since high school.  Well, late one night a couple of weeks ago, Pinterest struck again.  I saw this cute little picture of a little ball of water with a teeny ball of moss in it. 
Photo courtesy of PinkSerissa's Etsy Store
 Loving all things aquatic and all things flora, I was instantly intrigued.  Of course the link did not actually take me to a website where I could purchase my own like moss aquarium, so I went to the next best website that I thought would have such an odd item for purchase.  Etsy!  And sister, I was right!  There were all kinds of moss aquariums!!! 
According to PinkSerissa's Etsy Store, this is the story behind Morimo Moss Balls:

"Marimo, literally “ball seaweed”, also known as Japanese Moss Ball, is a rare species of green algae, growing into large green balls with a velvety appearance and are found naturally in a number of lakes in the world. The round shape of the Marimo is maintained by gentle wave action.
The growth rate of a Marimo is only about 5mm per year. It is said that they can live for up to 200 years, which makes them an ideal family heirloom.
In Japan at Lake Akan a great effort is spent on the conservation of the lake balls. In 1920 they were declared a Japanese Natural Treasure and in 1950 the first of the annual Marimo Festival was celebrated.
They are compared to the Earth in being green and round and in their need to rotate in order to receive light on all sides.
The Japanese believe that Marimo will bring good luck and see it as a symbol of everlasting love. It is also said that taking excellent care of your pet Marimo will make all your wishes come true."
A family heirloom?!?  Make my wishes come true?!  I was sold...
I showed this new discovery to Husband, thinking he'd just roll his eyes like he usually does when I get excited about plants, but to my surprise he said "oh that's kind of cool!"  Which in Julie Anna language translates to "I give you full approval and encouragement to buy said item."  And buy it I did! 
Meet my Morimo Moss Ball!
Is it weird that a little ball of algae would make me so darn happy?  Probably.  Oh well, nothing wrong with finding joy in the little things!  :)  Happy weekend ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Thant is exactly what I have preached all my life, to those who would care to listen, it can be the smallest,least expensive, and even sometimes just the plain ugly.....that can bring you the most joy and...everlasting happiness on this earth. Nan

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I do have something to add tonight in reference to your last post. Talking about nothing wrong with finding joy in little things......How much did you weigh when you came into this big big world-----5 lbs? Sure brought joy into my world and still does and always will...........
Nan again.