Friday, June 1, 2012

30 day blog challenge: Day 1

Today begins my 30 day blog challenge!  You guys are lucky that I'm even writing a post today, since someone (husbaaaaaand!) woke me up about 20 times last night with his snoring and I finally just gave up at about 5:30am.  But, I digress.  The instruction for today was "write some basic things about yourself."  So for all of you guys who already know me, this might get a little boring. :)
I'll just give a quick run through of my life:
-Born to two absolutely wonderful parents April 20, 1988.
I was so leeeetle!  Also, mom, please don't kill me for this picture.  I love you!!!
-Grew up in a small town near Atlanta, Georgia. 
-Have one sister, Allie, who is 3 years older than me.  She is definitely my best friend and made growing up quite fun.
I'm the one with the Yoda ears
 -Lived in a 100+ year old house until I was in high school.  I learned so much helping my parents maintain this antique house, and still miss that house even though it was a little drafty in the winter and the train made it shake. 
-Accepted Jesus as my Savior at age 8.  
-Went to public school K-1st grade, homeschooled 2-4, private Christian school 5-9 grade, back to public school for 10-12.  Pretty much the only type of school I didn't go to was boarding school. :)
Oh those uniforms!
-Moved to another town near Atlanta in high school.  Besides all of the big work, we did a lot ourselves.  We did all of the painting, inside and out (outside was a beast, huge lifts, nice tans), cut all of the baseboards, hung all the doors, etc.  Even though I'm sure I complained a whole lot while doing all of the work, I'm glad to know how to do all of these simple housekeeping things, especially now that I own my own home.
-Played basketball since I was 8.  My dad was my coach for the first 5 years (I think?).  Played basketball until my junior year of high school.  Played volleyball from 9-12th grade. 
I'm number 4!I'm still friends with some of these girls, and they'll probably 
kill me if they see this picture on here!
 -Took horseback riding lessons in high school and eventually got my own horse.  Both of those were dreams come true and I'm so thankful that my parents gave me that opportunity.  I hope they know how much that meant to me.
Me and Goose, the horse I usually rode at my lessons
 My horse Apache.
-Graduated 3rd in my class from high school in 2006.
Graduation picture
Me and my two grandmothers the night I graduated, we had been crying if you can't tell!
 -Went to the University of Georgia, Fall 2006.
-Was a couple of classes shy of minoring in French.
-Danced all 4 years of college, became a performing member of Swung, UGA's swing dance performance group my sophomore year.
Ballroom Magic 2009
 -Was on the leadership team at Christian Campus Fellowship my junior year of college. 
-Also junior year of college, I started dating Husband. :)
Us at the beginning
 -My senior year got engaged to said Husband. :)
Husband says we look like serial killers in this picture
 -Last semester of my senior year was a full time intern with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Definitely an eye opening and slightly nerve wracking experience.  It was like a 4 month long adrenaline rush.
 Me and ASAC Maddox on my last day
-Wrote a huge research paper on Levi's Call, Georgia's child abduction response initiative.  Also an eye opening experience.
-Graduated May 2010 from UGA with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.
L to R: Mr. Tim, Mrs. Lois, Husband, Me, Dad, Mom, Allie, Emma (in Allie's stomach)
 -Married Husband June 2010.  Definitely one of the best days of my life.
- Moved to the middle Georgia area.
-Worked in the counseling department at a high school in middle Georgia Fall 2010-Summer 2011.
-Moved to south Georgia, July 2011.
Our house!
-Began working at S&L Integrated Systems Fall 2011.
-And that brings us up to date!!!


Anonymous said...

You have done well Baby Girl. I am proud of all of your accomplishments and the life you live. Nan

Teresa Close said...

Don't mind the pic a bit. You have always been a joy and I had no idea on that day how that litttttle sweet baby would change and enrich my life!
Since you have already told where you have lived on that day of the challenge, why don't you tell some of the life lessons you have learned from all the different people you have lived with. That could be very interesting!!!