Thursday, June 7, 2012


Wellll...the first week of my blog challenge was a huge FAIL!  I'm a little disappointed in myself actually.  I apologize that I haven't written much lately.  The combination of work being pretty busy lately, Husband getting on his "summer schedule" (i.e. go to bed at 4am, wake up at 11am), and adding miles to my weekly running plan has left me feeling pretty drained.  We're trying to get back on a schedule, so hopefully that will help.  Tomorrow I'm driving up to Henry County for my cousin Lauren's wedding on Saturday!  I'm excited to celebrate this wonderful time in Lauren's life and see family.  Next post will probably be on Monday.  I'll try to catch up a little on this blog challenge.  Hope you all have a great weekend! 
L to R: Me, twin cousin Lindsey, sister Allie, cousin Ashley, 
SIL Alexis, twin cousin Lauren (the bride)

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