Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So last week, I ran the furthest distance I have ever run in one go.  I ran 4 miles in 45:01 and felt great throughout the whole run.  There was a slight mental block at my 3.2 mile spot, where my body was like "Oh yeah, we're done!  Uh wait, you can stop now, why are you still running?!  Ok, we can do this.  Ok you're totally about to finish four miles!"  I wasn't out of breath and my legs weren't even hurting too bad.
Real sweaty.
I wanted to just chalk it up to me having a good night, or the cool misty night weather, or it just being a miracle.  But then tonight, I did it again.  AND I shaved 2 seconds off of my time! (hence the post title)  I know that to other more experienced runners this time is really slow, but considering that I have only been running consistently for 4 months, I don't think it's too bad.  In fact, I'm pretty darn proud of myself. 
I think my nose swells when I run?  At least I hope that's why it looks huge
I'm hoping to start adding on an extra 0.25 mile to my long run days every 2 weeks.  So now that I have done 4 miles on my long run days the past 2 weeks, for the next 2 weeks, I'll run 4.25, then the following 2 weeks, do 4.5, etc.  On that schedule, I should be up to 6.5 miles by the last week of October.  To motivate myself I'm going to try to find a 10K to schedule for the beginning of November.  I think then I will be prepared and it will be nice and cool.  So anyways, I'm done patting myself on the back. :)  Sorry for my humblebragging.  :)  Hope ya'll's week is off to a good start!


Anonymous said...

I give you a pat on the back myself. As a matter of fact, lots of packs on the back....Nan

Mama said...

Wootwoot!!!! You have inspired me!!! I added a little extra to my run as well....maybe I will join you on your 10k!!!