Monday, June 4, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 3

Yes, I know what you're skipped day 2!  Plus, you're late with posts 2 and 3!  And yes, yes, I know.  And I apologize for that.  Believe me, I am just as OCD as you are when it comes to numbers in sequential order.  But you see, I'm just not feeling whitty enough to write the second post.  I could be all sentimental and put the obvious in the "10 thing I like" column, but I want to give it more thought than that. So, I'm skipping it and will go back to it! 
So day three wanted me to describe my Tumblr blog name.  Well, this post explains the girl and guy aspect, and this post expounds on the gecko and gato!  When I decided to start blogging I wanted to come up with a clever name to rival those of the cute blogs which had inspired me.  Alliteration is definitely my literary device of choice (irony is a close second), so I went with the all "G" theme.  Had to kind of dig for the Gato (cat) part, considering that I know very little Spanish and my foreign language of choice's (French) paltry comparative was "le chat."  Think the "Chat Noir."
So anyways, that's the short and not entertaining answer to day 3's question.  Sorry I'm so blah today!  It's just a Monday!

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