Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Since Husband is a school teacher and is out for the summer, he spends most of his day lazing around the house, golfing, and watching Paula Dean (no, I'm not bitter).  Since he's pretty much alone all day (well, except for Paula) he gets pretty antsy around 5:00pm.  So every day at about 5:03, I get a text from Husband with some variation of "Where are you?!"  He continues to blow up my phone until I either reply to his texts or walk in the door.  So today I decided to get a little sassy in my reply.  It definitely did not unfold how I thought.  See for yourself:
(Side note: Husband's text are on the left in gray, mine are on the right in green.  Martin is my gecko and Bing Clawsby is my cat).
What. the. heck?!  Not only did he just reply with a taciturn "Oh." when I said I was dead, he also threatened to kill my poor defenseless gecko by putting him in the freezer!!!!  Needless to say, Husband is not on my good side tonight and Martin is acting a little skittish.  Husband just might be spending the rest of the summer cleaning the house....

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Anonymous said...

Do what you have to do Baby Girl,I've got YOUR back on this one. Nan