Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh hey!

When I go for my runs at nights, it is still pretty dang hot, even at 8pm.  So I take a half frozen water bottle and a napkin and put them in the mailbox.  The water is to keep me hydrated (obviously) and the napkin is in there to help wipe away the sweaty mess that happens on my face. I pass by my mailbox on each loop, so putting them in there makes it really convenient and since the mailbox is clay, it keeps the water cold.  So last night when I opened up the mailbox to get my napkin and water,  I saw this:
 Husband had left me a little note on my napkin while I was running!  Isn't he just the sweetest. :)
Me and said sweet Husband are heading out to Darien (on the coast of Georgia) for a little weekend getaway tomorrow.  So excited!  

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Anonymous said...

Husband did a good thing! Have a wonderful little get-away. Love you guys...Nan