Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bad Day.

Despite the fact that my wonderful sister and niece came down to spend a couple of days with me, I had a pretty rotten day today.  If they hadn't been here, I probably would be sitting on the couch right now eating a whole tub of ice cream.  But thankfully, they are here to cheer me up, so I'm sitting here watching my niece count change and catching up with my sister instead. 
A couple of reasons I had a bad day:
As some of you may know, my last semester of college, I completed a full time internship with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  This morning I found out that the former Special Agent in Charge of the region where I completed my internship, Denise Norman, passed away this morning.  She was always so incredibly nice to me during my internship and was such a great teacher.  She was so patient, and understanding when there was something I didn't understand, or when she knew I needed to talk through something.  She was amazing at her job and always brought a smile to people's faces with her humor and genuine kindness.  One of her fellow agents said today that "The GBI will not be the same without her!" and he could not be more right.  I wish there were more people like her in this world, and it saddens me that we are without her now.  I will always be grateful for the influence she had on me.  Please keep her family and fellow agents in your prayers.
Denise is on the far right
  As if that wasn't enough bad news for the day.  My sister called me at about 2:30pm and said "um a tree just fell on your fence."  Her and Emma were hanging out at my house, waiting for me to get home from work, when the wind started blowing and it started raining.  They heard a loud bang and ran to the window to see a huge tree on our fence. 

 The tree completely took out the left half of our gate, and attempted to take down the right half.  It split several other boards as well.  Not a hugely expensive fix, just frustrating.  And yes, I know a fallen tree is not the end of the world, it just seemed like one thing after another today.  Hope ya'll are having a better week than I am.  And I promise I'll be more uplifting tomorrow.  Might even put some cute pictures of my favorite niece! 


Anonymous said...

Baby Girl, Sorry for all the events in your last post. I can see why you were not feeling on top of the world. Things will be better. Hope you Allie and Emma had some laughs anyway. Love you sweetheart. Nan

April Brooks said...
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