Monday, July 2, 2012

Flaxseed update!!!

So remember in this post where I was drama-ing it up about my quest for flaxseed?  No?  Well I'll let you go read it to refresh yourself....go on now! 
*Cue Jeopardy music*
Back?  Refreshed on the flaxseed issue?
Well, I must report to you, my dear friends, that after a four month search...the flaxseed...It has been FOUND!!!  I unwittingly stumbled upon this evasive little guy today on my monthly shopping trip.  And guess where it's little bag of fiberness was hiding? 
With the cereal.  The cereal, people!  The absolute LAST place I would have ever looked for it.  I was buying some chocolate mini wheats littles (they are to die for) and my eye caught a bag of wheat germ and I was like hey, that's a friend of flax seed I bet.  And then I stopped dead in my tracks and was like, just wait a minute!  Then I noticed a little bag that looked down for the count just beside the wheat germ.  (It probably caught some germ from the wheat and keeled over)  So I stood it up, and lo-and-behold!  Flaxseed!
Look at that "milled golden flaxseed" sitting up there on the top shelf looking all self important! 
Nestled inbetween the germy wheat and the naked granola.  Man, the friends this guy keeps!

 Too bad I didn't really need it anymore (the recipe I needed it for turned out to be not that great).  Plus, I'm still a little bitter about it's little game of hide-and-seek.  But I guess now I know where it is should I ever need it again!
Hope you guys had a good weekend!  I sure did!  Hopefully I'll be posting pictures tomorrow about our little weekend trip.  Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

So happy you learned something new today.........where the flaxseed lives!! Nan