Monday, July 30, 2012


So at the gym tonight I was going to be all braggy and take a picture of the treadmill at mile 5 to post on this here blog, but then through Divine intervention, the treadmill freaked out on my last 10th of a mile and said I had run like 8.5 miles and that would've been a little too dishonest to post a picture of that.  So instead of posting a braggy picture, I'll just post another picture I took at the gym:
 I just. I don't. Does this really even have to be said?  Apparently so... My mom suggested I copy one of these to have by my pool.  Totally considering it.


Anonymous said...

Only Julie Anna would find this to post on her blog. Just too funny! Will wait to hear what you get into next!!! Love you, Nan

Anonymous said...

Ok, so that's pretty funny! I'll try to remember this when I come and swim in your pool. :-)

Mrs. Lois