Saturday, July 21, 2012

Face lift!

Well, got a little face lift today.  Nooo, not me, silly!  My blog!  I changed some things around, and added a little more information.  Besides the change in background, you should now be able to see this at the top of the page:
These are links to various new pages.  One is an about me page, which is just a quick blurb about who I am, for those of you who are new.  Following that are links to my Pinterest, Flickr, and Goodreads pages.  I post a pretty good bit of stuff on my Pinterest (303 pins and counting) and Goodreads account (101 books rated and counting), and will probably be adding some new stuff to my Flickr photo account soon as well. 
On the right hand side of the page you'll also notice some new stuff.  One is a "popular posts" reel, that shows you my most viewed posts.  Below that is an archive section, for you to look up past posts.  Possibly my favorite new feature is below that, the "follow by email" section.  This allows people who don't have gmail accounts, to still "follow" my blog through their email.  You can enter in your email address, so that you get an email whenever I write a new post.  It's pretty simple, just type in your email address, and then you will receive a confirmation email.  Just follow the instructions in that email, and you're set to go! 
I hope these changes make the website easier to navigate.  Let me know what you think!

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Anonymous said...

Looks neat to me, I'll check in out and see if I like it better, probably will. Love you,Nan