Monday, July 23, 2012

The Positives! (In Pictures!)

After last week's rough day, I decided to do a post today on some positives.  Some of these are pretty small things, but sometimes it's the small things that remind us that the Lord has given us a wonderful life.  I am definitely a pessimist, and have to consciously work on seeing the positive things, no matter how small.  So here are some things I have been enjoying lately:
Pretty hydrangeas from my yard
A new "J" bookmark.  (kudos to whoever can figure out the book)
The book for our new Sunday School class
Grapes from my back yard
This awesome basket my sister brought me from her farmer's market.  
It is just begging for some Pinterest action!
A Husband who can cook!
My (half naked) niece and (fully clothed) sister coming to see me last week
In-laws who are funny and generous and love me
An email folder full of emails from my Nannie

And parents who still know how to have fun.  
(Chick-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day)
What are some things you're enjoying in your life right now?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at everyone of your positive's! Paw-Paw was impressed with your grapes. I was impressed that you have a folder of all my e-mails(you thoughtful little grand-daughter)and I am going to see if I can figure out the book with the J bookmark in it. Will let you know later if I was successful on that one. Love you. Nan