Saturday, January 7, 2012

A whole lotta new...

Well yesterday I took the plunge into blog world…and I need to confess something….I’m very nervous about this little venture.  Just like most of the females in the United States, I began the addiction that is Pinterest about 6 months ago.  Not only did it introduce me to wonderful recipes and easy DIY projects, it also introduced me to a blog.  It all started with the The Daybook Blog, a blog written by an adorable new mother with a wonderful (modest) fashion sense, who is funny and very relatable.  From there, I somehow found other awesome blogs that I now follow religiously (Here, here, and here).  This is where the idea to start my own blog began.  For the past several months I have been considering starting one, but have been too intimidated.  Every blog post from these ladies I follow is so much funnier, more creative, more open, more committed than I could ever hope to be.  And yet, as the new year begins, I find myself wanting to begin a project.  As I mentioned in my last post, I have recently moved away from my family and friends.  I got married to the love of my life in June 2010, right after graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Criminal Justice.  This past summer, my husband was offered a teaching job at his alma mater, and the allure of “going home” prompted him to ask me to consider moving down to Cairo, Georgia.  I knew I would be farther away from my family, have to search for a new job, have only 2 months to find somewhere to live, and know only about a handful of people.  After much prayer, soul searching, and yes, tears, I realized that the Lord wanted us to take this step together.  I still get sad when I realize my family is now several hours away, but my family is awesome and is willing to make the long drive almost down to Florida to see me, and vice versa.  On top of that, I have found a great job, we bought an awesome house for a great price, and I am slowly learning small town life and making friends.  The main reason I wanted to start this blog is to keep in touch with my family.  As most of my family would attest, I’m horrible at talking on the phone…but when it comes to texts and emails, I’m A-okay!  Thus, this little bloggy blog.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for this blog.  It might just be a way for my family to keep up with Timothy and I, and it might just be something I need to become committed to doing each day.  Either way, will you guys keep me accountable?  Sorry this is such a long post….hopefully my future ones won’t be quite as winded!  Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

Some pictures of the move:

This is the living room of the apartment we lived in in Kathleen, Georgia.

All of our stuff packed into a moving truck.  The first truck we rented was FULL of complete infestation.  Thankfully they gave us another (bigger) truck and gave us a refund.

Our new house in Cairo, Georgia!  Yay yay yay!

Oh, and on a completely unrelated parting note, this is me and my sister in Chattanooga December 2011.  Isn't she pretty?

We normally look like this:

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