Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spoiled much?

So where I work, I am the only female.  That's right, I work with all men.  At times it can be frustrating (read gross bathroom) but most times it's quite enjoyable.  There isn't all of that petty female drama, and they're pretty unemotional.  Another perk to being the only female there is that they definitely take care of me.  I mentioned yesterday at our Monday morning meeting that Friday is my birthday because one of the guys is about to have a baby and I said it would be cool if she was born on mine and Hitler's birthday.  So I came into work this morning, and this is what I saw...
Two of the guys totally hooked me up with some delicious birthday treats!  I added up the calories and total it was almost 1600 calories.  I think they're trying to make me fat.  On days like this I am thankful for good co-workers.  Thanks guys :) 

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