Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well happy birth-a-day to me!!!

So next Friday is my birthday, and because I am an incredibly impatient and somewhat controlling person I decided what I wanted Timothy to get me for my birthday and made him get it for me early.  :)  Granted, he did the same thing, just not the getting it early part.  So anyways, I decided for my birthday that I wanted to get myself an iPhone.  I am now the proud (and broke) owner of what I call the Apple trifecta...iPod, iPhone, and MacBook Pro.  I guess all that I'm missing now is the iPad... :)  But I've got my Kindle and that suits me just perfectly for what I'd use an iPad for anyways!  So you wanna see this pretty little thing?

And yes, I did take a picture of one Apple product with another Apple product.  Because that's how I roll...So now everyone in my immediate family has an iPhone except husband.  But he has a fancy Droid so I guess that's alright.  My mom even got her an iPhone today too!  Totally unplanned!  I know this may seem like a luxury but I've never gotten an expensive phone, and I was due for an upgrade, so I didn't pay the full price.  Plus, you guys will benefit too!  Now when I'm too lazy to get either of my nicer cameras and instead post pictures on here that are from my phone, they are going to look better!  Yay!  For example, here's a picture of some spinach artichoke dip from our dinner tonight at Rummy's pizza place in Tally-ho!  (that's Tallahassee for all of you who are not in my brain).

 Doesn't that look clearer than my other phone pictures?  So seeeee, I got this phone for you guys!  haha  And maybe myself :)  Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Good picture of the iphone......Beautiful picture of the girl holding it.

The plate with the food looks d-lish. Nan