Monday, April 30, 2012

What's in your wallet?

Remember when I was doing the "what's in your purse" series?  Well, we're going to momentarily revive that, and boy do I have a treat for you guys tonight! :)  My brother-in-law, Robert, decided to do a little twist on that series, and donated a "what's in your wallet" post!  Here goes!

What’s in my wallet?
Well let’s first start with the wallet itself. It is the “big skinny” wallet that I bought in Charleston, SC at the Flowertown festival. It is leather on the outside and polyester on the inside and thus extremely thin. It is also curved so it can fit nicely in my front pocket. By far it is my favorite wallet ever.
Now to its contents:
·         Allstate Emergency Roadside assistance card (never needed it)
·         Debit card
·         Company credit card
·         Sam’s Club card (I’m getting old)
·         Medical insurance card
·         Allstate Insurance card
·         Hilton Honors card – cause I’m a High High rolla’
·         Dental Insurance Card
·         Georgia Concealed Weapons permit
·         Drivers License
·         A sticky note with Allie and Emma’s Social Security numbers on them
·         Receipts to:
o   Kangaroo Express
o   N. Decatur Chiropractic
o   Nicolas cigar shop in London
o   ATM withdrawal from St James Station in London
o   La Parilla
o   Carrabba’s in Fayetteville
·         My co-worker’s credit card with a description of the type of whiskey that he wanted me to buy him while in London. For the record, Lochan Ora is no longer made!

And that’s it folks! Wish there were some cash in it!
Thanks Julie for the chance to share what’s in my wallet.

When I first saw the picture with the credit cards in it, I was like well...hope my readers are honest people.  But Robert is smart and blurred out the important information. :)  So, sorry you would be identity thieves!  Thank you Robert for being such a great and cooperative brother-in-law.  You're a pretty good high high roller!  
Hope everyone had a great weekend and a bearable Monday!  

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Anonymous said...

he sure keeps a neat wallet. you wouldn't be able to list all of the things in mine on a blog! Nan