Sunday, April 22, 2012

We did it! **WARNING picture overload**

Well, we did it!  We all finished the 5K!  Tomorrow I will write more about my weekend and the race, but right now I'm tuckered out and probably about to hit the hay.  But before I go, I am going to leave ya'll with an overload of pictures of my face.  You're welcome, in advance.  When I first started "training" specifically for this 5K, I decided to take a picture of myself after each run.  I just used my cell phone (you can tell when I got the iPhone) and took them immediately after I was done with my run.  I didn't take pictures after days that I just walked, just days that I ran.  You can tell which pictures were taken after long runs, because my face is very red and swollen and I'm nasty sweaty.  Most people would be embarrassed to reveal these pictures, and I actually sort of am...but I have decided recently that I just need to get over myself.  I'm going to try to continue snapping a picture after all of my runs from now on, and hopefully we'll be able to see me shrinking.  So, without further ado, me and my sweaty tomato faces.  Oh, and just ignore my fingers in these pictures...I was trying to think of creative ways to show which run I was on, which was very hard to do with just one free hand.  Despite the confusing number of fingers, these pictures are in order.  

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

that face is beautiful no matter what you may be doing.......nan