Thursday, April 12, 2012

Will this be a flower?

It was such a beautiful day outside today!  Every time I've gone outside today I've just wanted to stay.  It made my run this afternoon quite enjoyable.  Not the sweat fest my runs usually are as of late. 
Husband's last tennis match was tonight, so I guess it's back to needing to cook dinner every night. :)  I've enjoyed having a couple of nights off during the week where I can just eat left-overs or cereal and not feel bad for not cooking husband a meal. 
Anyways, in other new, one of my magnolia trees in my front yard has these weird looking spikey things coming out all on the ends of the limbs.  Timothy even noticed them the other day and asked if I knew what they were.  I can't figure out if they're going to be actual blossoms?  Or are they just seed pods?  Or is this how they put out new leaves?  I've never had a magnolia tree and am too lazy to look it up online.  I know I have some smart readers who'll be able to help me out though.  So here's a picture of what they look like. 
Alright you horticulturists, educate me!


Anonymous said...

looks like seed pods, but should be blooming will research to see what I can find. Also, depends on what kind of magnolia tree you have maybe. Nan

Teresa Close said...

Def blooms.....they will get fat and white then pop open and smell delicious!!!! Looks like you will have a tree full!!