Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wish us luck!

So this Saturday is the 5K I am doing with my mom and sister.  Since husband and I are heading towards Atlanta tomorrow right after work, this will probably be my last post before the race.  We've all been training hard, and I'm proud to run/walk it with my mom and sister.  It's fun to do healthy stuff with those you love. :)  I don't feel as prepared for this 5K as I have for the others I have done, but I've definitely tried my best and feel like I've pushed myself.  My prediction is that my mother is going to kick our butts.  I have been so impressed with the updates she has sent me on her training.  She has done so well!   I'm also very proud of my sister.  She has such a busy life, working as a full time teacher and all that that entails, and having a 2 year old to take care of at night, but she has still made it a priority to go out and get exercise as often as she can.  I will definitely be in good company. 
The race is at my old high school, which is a pretty flat area, thankfully!  Here is what the route map looks like:
I like that a majority of it is on unpaved ground, as that feels better on my feet and knees.  So here goes!  Wish us luck!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to all three of you and I am definately proud of all of you. Nan