Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spoiled much? Part two...

So, you know how I mentioned yesterday that I am pretty spoiled at work?  Well I was sitting there this morning, looking out the window at the rain clouds that were gathering, when a flower truck pulled up.  I thought, huh...are they renting something from us?  (we rent out sound and lighting equipment at my work) But then I saw the man get a beautiful vase of flowers out of the car with a big "Happy Birthday" balloon attached to it.  And I thought, wait!  Are those for me?!  So I looked at the card when the man handed me the vase and it said "Happy Birthday from S&L."  They had gotten me flowers and a balloon for my birthday!  They definitely made my desk prettier and made it smell better as well.  Wanna see them?

Sooo pretty!  I also had another nice birthday surprise in the mail today!  My mother-in-law got me a decal that I had been eying to go on my MacBook Pro.
Isn't it cute?!
I just love it!  Thank you Mrs. Lois and Mr. Tim!  I love birthday times!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet of the guys to send the beautiful flowers......I am happy that you work with appreciative people!! Nan