Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I recently joined the site Good Reads where you rate books that you have read, and they list out recommendations for you based on those ratings.  I just took a few minutes to rate some books I have read, and am already up to 77 books.  I've always been curious about how many books I have read in my lifetime, and think this could be a good way to keep track, especially from now on. 
My whole life I have loved reading.  It's a trait that I inherited from my father; he loves to read as well.  I read so much when I was younger, that I actually got put on "book restriction" a couple of times.  I was reading so much that I would try to read at dinner and was becoming antisocial.  I think my parents got a little scared that I would become a recluse, only surrounded by my books for company.  Because of that I was occasionally not allowed to read and was forced to engage in some sort of social interaction like a game or watching tv with others.  Sounds kind of backwards huh?  I still chuckle when I think about those times of restriction, but am grateful that my parents kept me from being a total weird bookworm. 
Whenever books are turned into movies, I have to read the book first.  I'm always disappointed with the movie adaption though, it never fails.  I would rather spend 10 hours reading a book, letting the author's descriptions create a movie in my head, than actually sit and watch pretty actors/actresses act it out in a motion picture.  I think that because I create this movies in my head, I have a pretty good imagination now. 
Anyways, I know this post might seem like one giant humblebrag, but I'm truly not meaning it to be.  Just want to encourage others to join this cool website so I can get some good reading recommendations.  I hope you guys are having a good week!

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Anonymous said...

Best book for me and I am sure you have read it was Great Expectations by Charles Dickins. I love that story! Nan