Monday, April 9, 2012

Terrarium Friends!

Remember when I wrote that post about my girls trip I went on last month?  Oh wait, no.  Because I still have not written it.  Well...I've written the first part.  But somehow I got all caught up on my fear of bridges and kind of stalled.  Maybe I'll just post it in bits and pieces?  Anyways...while on that trip my mom, sister, and I went to one of those cool paint studios and did a little art!  My sister and mom painted some really pretty mugs, but I've always been partial to little tiny things.  I mean, you should see my collection of Polly Pockets and My Littlest Pet Shops.  So I decided to paint some little animals to go in my terrariums.  We had to leave before the stuff we painted was fired, so they had to mail them to us.  I just got mine this past weekend while visiting my parents.  Husband was really impressed when he thought I actually molded the clay into animals myself.  He was a little disappointed when I told him that they were already little shapes and I just painted them.  Haha!  Here they are!
My poor turtle looks like he has a black eye!  :(  My favorite is probably the frog.  I think the mushrooms are full of whimsy though. :)  Just what I was looking for!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Be looking for more posts to happen this week, I'm done being a slacker! 


Anonymous said...

I think my favorite is the frog, black eye and all. These are just too cute! Great additions to your new hobby. Nan

Anonymous said...

oops, made a mistake. My favorite is the turtle. He is too cute even with a black eye!!! Nan