Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Voting day!

Did you guys do your civic duty today and vote?  I did!  Here's proof!
My voting precinct is at the airport here in Cairo and there was only one other person there when I went at lunch.  Last time I voted was in Houston County and there were a lot more people, I actually had to wait.  It was nice to be able to vote today and it only take about 2 minutes.  A small town certainly has its perks!  Hope you guys voted! 


Anonymous said...

I did..............now watch me be called to Jury Duty again! Nan

Anonymous said...

I did......Now watch me get called to Jury Duty again! Nan

Anonymous said...

Louisiana doesn't give out stickers. Not fair.

Julie Anna Helms said...

Nan-I sure hope you don't get called in for another murder trial too! :)

Sunburstdrums- That stinks! Georgia has had the same voter sticker since before I can remember. I recall being a little kid and seeing my parents have this sticker.