Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Remember when I said a couple of weeks ago that I had cut back my 49 rose bushes?  Yes, you read that right...I have 49 red knockout rose bushes.  Well I gave them a pretty good whack, from about 5 foot high, to about 3 foot high.  I thought maybe I had gone a little overboard on them, but within the past 2 weeks, my rose bushes have put out a ton of new growth and now they're just loaded down with buds, just waiting to bust open.  About a week and I think I'll have a yard full of rose blooms.  I'm excited!  Spring is in full swing here in south Georgia!  Here's a sneak peek of one rose that's already decided to bloom.  The others need to follow his lead!

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Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! I must have pictures when they are all in bloom. Now, every time I look at a red knockout rose, I will think of you. Nan