Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This past weekend my grandparents came to visit us and to see our house.  They got here Friday right after I got off of work and they treated us to dinner at Granddaddy's BBQ in Thomasville.  It was so good!  Friday they also gave us some goodies: some nutty buddy bars, some cream soda (yum!), and my grandmother gave me her home economics book from high school. 
 Timothy said "oh did ya'll get to keep your books?" And she said "no, I just kept it."  Haha.  My grandmother, the rebel. :)  The book was titled "Experiences with Foods."  Believe me...I have had some gooood experiences with foods!  It's been neat to look through it and see all of the pictures of women in their high waisted poofy dresses and bouffants pulling a roast out of the oven for their husband who just got home in a suit and tie.  I love old books and cookbooks, so that was right up my alley. 
For dessert Friday night we had some homemade apple cake that my grandmother had made.  There's a bit of an inside joke behind that cake.  When I was about 10 years old, I think, I was spending the night with them one night, when my grandmother and I decided to make a homemade apple cake.  We got all the ingredients together, measured them into a mixing bowl, and then put the mixing bowl in the stand mixer.  We turn the mixer on what we thought was low, and the thing just takes off.  Batter is flying everywhere, and we're screaming and grabbing at the bowl trying to get it to stop!  I think we ended up just throwing a towel over the whole thing.  We had a really good laugh about it once we finally got the thing stopped, and then had to spend like 10 minutes cleaning the batter up in random places around the kitchen.  We still talk about that day and laugh.  It is definitely one of my favorite memories with my grandmother.  My grandparents have always made me laugh and take the time to teach me things and do things together. 
Saturday morning me, my grandfather, and Timothy made brunch.  PawPaw taught me some of his tricks, since the "big country breakfast" has always been a specialty of his.  We made biscuits, country ham, eggs, and hashbrown casserole and pigged out. 
PawPaw and husband making breakfast (I would include a pic of myself but I was looking rough!)
 We then spent some time on our back porch enjoying the beautiful day and PawPaw gave us some much needed advice on our grass and plants.  My grandparents have always been a wealth of knowledge and so encouraging to me and my sister and I will forever be grateful for that.  My Nannie is also one of my most religious blog readers, and gives me motivation to get on here and jot down a word or two every now and then.  Love you Nan and Paw! 
Us on the porch.
Hope everyone's week is going well!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Baby Girl for all the nice comments in today's blog about me and Paw Paw. We had a wonderful visit with you and Timothy. You are a great homemaker as your home is spotless and you are a great cook.
The memory of the "lost" cake you and I attemped to make is so funny, I laugh everytime I think of it.
We loved your home, the pool and the landscaping is just beautiful. I must have some pictures when all of your roses are in bloom.
We love you and Timothy, have a wonderful week. Will look forward to seeing you in April. Nan