Monday, March 12, 2012


Sorry it's been so long since my last post.  It's getting hard to find things to talk about on here that I think will interest people.  I'm planning on doing my big post tomorrow about my trip to Hilton Head, just don't have the patience to write all of that right now.  Daylight Savings Time is mean and inconsiderate.  And because of it, I feel more tired than usual.  Plus, I did day 4 of my running stuff today and cleaned out our garage when I got home.  So I'm just ready to chill tonight.  But I thought I'd leave you guys with a little picture.  This is a snack the husband and I had over the weekend:
When I was in Savannah a couple of weekends ago, I got some cheese honey from the Savannah Bee Company.  That's what is in the bowl with the glare.  :)  My dad has honey bees, and I usually use honey that him or husband's uncle gives us.  Their honey is wonderful so I'm kind of a honey snob now.  This honey was a blend of different types of honeys (is that the plural of honey?) and has a pretty strong flavor.  Perfect for eating with, say, cheese!  Soooo...above that is some sharp cheddar cheese that I got in Hilton Head at the Freshmarket.  There are very very few things in this world that I love more than cheese.  I recently told my mom and sister that if someone told me that I could only eat bread, cheese, and chocolate for the rest of my life...I would be a-okay.  To the right are some pears.  Side note on that: I don't think I've ever just eaten a pear.  It's always weirded me out when people just bite into the pear, skin and all.  So I've just never eaten one, save the few that surprise you in those yummy fruit cups.  It's like oh squishy peach, oh soft pineapple, oh ew gross what is that weird gritty textured thing?!  Can I get an amen?  Pears have just always thrown me off.  But I've heard (who knows from where?)  that you're supposed to eat pears with cheese? (Maybe I'm remembering it from the movie Princess Diaries.  Genovian pear and cheese dessert?)  So I gave it a shot.  I kept asking Timothy how I was supposed to cut this thing?  Do I peel it?  I just can't eat the skin, it looks like it has leprosy.  Does it have a core?  How do I slice it?  Is this ripe?  Is it supposed to be crunchy?  It was was a fail.  But we ate it anyway, because that's what snooty cheese and honey and cracker eaters do, dangit!  I think?  Oh, and the crackers.  They were the fanciest I could find at our local Wally World.  The box said they were waiter crackers.  But husband kept calling them what-a-crackers.  Like What-A-Burger, the restaurant.  By the end of our snack he had said what-a-crackers so many times that we both wanted to go to What-A-Burger.  Luckily for our waist and wallet, the closest one is like 25 minutes away.  So anyways.  The honey and cheese and cracker combination was actually pretty delicious.  I had my doubts, but somehow the flavors just worked.  Alright people, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and got a lot accomplished!  


Teresa Close said...

I'm with ya on the pears....just can't do it. The whole grit thing just kills me. Sorta like eating the sound that fingernails scratching on a chalkboard make. (hope that makes sense) That is probably why you have never eaten one....I would never have forced you to do such a thing. Lol....oh and I will live in the bread, cheese and chocolate world with you anyday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Baby Girl, Next time replace the pears with grapes.....much better! Or deli ham and pickles.Remember the old days when you, Allie and I always had our midnight snack in a circle on the floor at my house and it was ALWAYS the same things,ritz crackers, ham, cheese and pickles.It was yummy too wasn't it? You know what.....I still miss those special times..Nan