Friday, March 9, 2012


Today when I got home from work, first thing I did was put on my uniform.  My uniform consists of sweat pants, a tank top, a zip up athletic jacket, fuzzy socks, house shoes, and hair in a bun.  This outfit was so lovingly named my "uniform" by my husband.  He has always made fun of me for wearing these clothes at home.  Funny how his derogatory attitude about said sweat pants changed when he was introduced to the wonderfulness that is wind pants a couple of months ago. 
Anyways at about 5:30, I'm in my sweats, sitting on the couch, just enjoying being off of work, when husband gets a phone call.   "See you there at 6:30?  Ok, sounds great!"  To which, I supply a quizzical brow and a mouthed "what?!"  Timothy: "errr um let me ask Julie Anna and get back to you!"  He then proceeds to tell me that we've been invited out to eat at a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant with some friends of ours.  But he can't remember the word Hibachi so he mimes cutting up pieces of food really fast, and flipping it in the air, and flames.  I supply the word Hibachi and tell him he's really good at charades.  Now, we don't have many friends down here so any time we get an invitation we usually jump on the chance to have more than each other as amusement while eating.  But my sweat pants! Oh my beloved sweat pants!  We had only just begun to chill for the day!  So with a grumble, I get off the couch, reapply makeup, curl my hair a little, and put on a cute and uncomfortable outfit.  We get to the restaurant and the waitress tells us that there are not any seats in the room with the Hibachi grill (is that redundant?  Doesn't Hibachi mean grill?) and that we will have to sit in the other room.  It smells good and we're all hungry so we decide to just sit in the other room.  Well alllll through our meal we hear flames and drums and gasps and laughter and happiness and everything else that is Hibachi.  They were totally trying to passive aggressively rub it in our faces. 
In the end though, the food was delicious and we had a good time with some friends.  We always enjoy their company and I was very glad that they had invited us to dinner.  It was definitely worth parting with my dear sweat pants for a couple of hours.  You'd better bet your buns that as soon as I got home I put them back on though. :)  Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend!  Hopefully I'll post pics from my girls trip to Hilton Head soon!


Catrina Bradley said...

I'd think it would be acceptable to wear your sweatpants to the Hibachi. Gives you lots of room to expand when you fill up on that yummy food!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You may wear your sweat pants,fuzzy socks, house shoes and whatever...wherever,whenever,you want to when I visit you......just as long as I can wear my P.J.'s!!!
(You know I live in them everyday except on Sunday Morning when I go to Church...Ha..........Nan