Friday, January 13, 2012


Anybody that knows my family knows that we are nothing if not thrifty shoppers.  We each have a hard time spending more than $15 for a piece of clothing, brand new.  If it’s used (a la thrift stores, yard sales, or antique stores) that price cap drops to about $2.  I realize that I may not always look like I stepped out of Vogue, and I might not always take part in the newest fashions, but I feel like my purchases are always decent and hopefully flattering to my body shape.  I figured today that I would talk a little bit about how we shop. 
Of course there are always the clearance racks.  Whenever I go in a store, I always head to that rack first.  Yeah, some of the items are damaged, some don’t fit right and that’s why they didn’t sell at the regular price, and some items are just ugly.  But occasionally there is that gem that just works for you.  And if that gem only costs $4.97 (here’s lookin’ at you Old Navy) all the better for wearing my dear.    
The second place to look is outlet stores.  I was blessed with growing up about 7 minutes away from the Locust Grove Tanger Outlet.  When males ask where I’m from, I reference the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  With females, Tanger Outlet.  Pretty much always does the trick.  Now the whole sewing malfunction is most commonly present at outlet stores, but most of the times surplus or seasonal items end up at the outlet stores.  While some fashions fade from year to year, there are some fashions you know will be around the next year, so why not buy it at a discount during the off season? 
Most recently, my big finds have been online though.  Most commonly I use Slick Deals, a website that posts big deals and coupon codes.  Like today, I haven’t bought anything non-grocery related for myself since way before Christmas (and still have Christmas monies!!), and when I saw that Target is having a huge clearance sale, with free shipping, with 15% taken off at checkout, plus a 10% coupon code, I just had to browse.   I ended up getting 3 dresses and 2 nice sweaters delivered to my door for under $50.  The best thing about these items is that they can transition from winter (with tights and boots) to summer (with flipflops or flats).  I felt pretty proud of that deal.  I was so excited that I told my husband, “guess what I just got?” and repeated exactly what I just told you…and he started laughing!  Now, shopping is something I take pretty seriously, as any female would.  So with my ruffled feathers, I demanded “why are you laughing?!  Do you think that’s not a good deal?”  And he said, “oh yes!  I’m laughing because whenever you tell me you just bought something you list out like 10 items and then say it costs like 50 cents.”  You know, that’s something I’m pretty proud of, thankyouverymuch! 
A couple of other good places to look for deals:
Groupon has daily deals (like $20 of merch for only $10) and also escape packages. 
Living Social is pretty much the same thing.  Husband and I just got a two night stay at a historic inn on the coast, with welcome cookies and 2-day kayak rental for $115.  My mom also just got a deal for our girls trip to Hilton Head!  These companies also have good customer service.  After a business closed, my mom got a refund on her Groupon coupon, no questions asked.
I’ve also heard that Southern Savers is awesome for grocery couponing.   
So now, little ones…shop away!  Oh, and if you have any other good discount sites or ideas, or have any stories please share!

(Sorry no pictures in this post!  Maybe tomorrow I'll put together my favorite clearance outfit and take a picture.)

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