Tuesday, January 31, 2012


On my walk today I saw a sight that seemed a little odd for January...These pretty fellas!
There's a field next to my road, and there were little groups of these pretty daffodils all over the place.  This 70° weather we've been having is throwing everything off.  It's supposed to be snowing, not blooming!  Oh well, I think the flowers are prettier than snow anyways. :)
Right now I'm in the process of meal planning.  The first day of the month I make up a menu of meals for the entire month.  I write down all the needed ingredients, and then go to the grocery store and fill my buggy!  Things that can be frozen, I freeze until I need.  Fresh items that cannot be frozen, I use in the first week of meals.  (That normally means that the first week of meals are the best.)  This method has been working for me for about 4 months now, and has saved us money.  It keeps me from going by the store (which I hate doing) several times a week "just to grab what I need" which then results in me buying a bunch of other impulse buys.  Plus, I don't have to go home each night and try to figure out something to cook.  I just consult my list, and have the items all available.  A lot of the meals are crockpot meals too, which I can start while home for lunch.  Anybody else do meal planning?   

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Nannie said...

Julie, You are about the most organized girl I know! What happened to the one who once lived on Unity Grove Rd? I remember seeing your room a time or two.haha. Oh well, guess we just have to admit it.......you grew up! I loved you then, I love you now. Nannie