Sunday, January 22, 2012


Every single time I do laundry, I somehow end up with one extra sock of Timothy's.  Every.single.time.  Neither of us can figure out how this happens.  It starts out as a content half of a happy sock couple, and somewhere along that washing line, it looses it's mate.  Look how sad he is:

One little sock, all alone.  And if you wonder what those two little dots are at the toe (they kind of look like eyes in this picture! haha  I should draw him a frown too!)...I used a sharpie to mark all of Timothy's socks.  He has about 5 different sock styles that are just a tiiiiiny bit different and it's such a headache to get them paired up.  This makes it a little bit easier.  But it seems as though I am doomed to always have one random sock...makes laundry time even more of a joy.  :( 
Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope you guys in tornado danger zones, stay safe! 

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