Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This past Christmas season I decided to buy an Amaryllis to keep in my dining room window to add a little cheer.  It bloomed beautifully right on time for Christmas.  This is what it looked like on Christmas morning. (Please note it is still dark outside.  We woke up at the butt crack of dawn to be able to drive up to see everyone for Christmas)

After a couple of weeks, the blooms fell off, and I thought that was it.  Well this week I noticed that a couple more leaves were growing out of the bulb.  Before I knew it, this little overachieving sprout made an appearance.

You can see on either side the short remnants of the first blooms.  It's ridiculous!  And now there are about 5 more leaves waiting to join it.  I guess it's enjoying this absurdly hot "winter" weather we've been having.  (We've had the air conditioning on at work this week, it's been so hot)  Once these all start blooming, I'll take another picture.  Hope ya'll had a great Tuesday!  Only 3 more days till the weekend!

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Teresa Close said...

That means your little buddy has more than one mature bulb in that pot!! You should plant one of them outside this summer.