Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I tried to kill my husband last night….with corn.

So last night for dinner, I made this:

 I know your reaction to that picture was probably “oh gross, that looks like throw up!  No way I would cook that!”  Trust me, it is actually delicious!  It is such a simple meal that the husband and I eat it quite often...You throw 2 frozen chicken breasts (I love this part, because I usually forget to thaw meat), and a jar of salsa in a crockpot, cook on low for about 4 hours.  Then add a package of cream cheese (use 1/3 less fat if you want it to be healthier) and let the cream cheese sit on top while on low for about 30 more minutes.  Stir all together, shred the chicken, and serve over rice.  If you want to mix things up, add some corn and black beans and use less salsa. 
Now, usually when I make this here meal I just use regular Picante Great Value salsa, but this week while grocery shopping I was feeling a little adventurous and got some delicious looking corn and black bean salsa.  It was even better than normal….until husband decides to have an allergic reaction.  See, husband here is allergic to corn that has been frozen.  Canned corn? Fine. Corn nuts?  Great.  Frozen corn?  Not so much.  I read articles about it (this has happened more than once) and apparently frozen corn has a larger amount of sulfite than fresh or canned corn.  Well, I didn’t think about the possibility of our harmless little corn fellas in the salsa I bought causing a problem. But, they did.  Don’t worry though, he didn’t really almost die and he didn't go all Will Smith in Hitch.  Just a little facial swelling, nasal congestion, and stomach pain.  I still kinda feel bad though. 
Moral of the story?  Make this meal. But only if you know it won’t kill you. 


Catrina Bradley... said...

Except for the poisoning part, this looks scrumptious! We're more pasta people, and I can picture this over a bed of linguini or penne. Mmmm.

Allie L. said...

Making this for dinner tomorrow night!!! Can't wait.

Teresa Close said...

Ok...I know what a wonderful cook you are now (even though you robbed me of the joy of teaching you) but that picture looks like puke! Lol!! I'm sure it tasted delicious, but let's work on the photo. HeeHee!!

Julie Anna Helms said...

Yeah it doesn't look appetizing, but it's pretty good. Allie made it and mentioned that it could use some spice. I agree and think next time I'll add a can of diced green chiles and maybe some jalapenos!