Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taco "cupcakes"!

Dinner tonight:
Taco "cupcakes"!  These little beautes are made with wanton wrappers, taco beef, taco seasoning, black beans, and cheeeese (my fav)!  Recipe here.  (P.s.  This website has some awesome recipes.  Definitely check 'em out!)  I made the salsa as well.  Recipe here, and it does actually taste like Chile's salsa!  Just a little note: wanton wrappers are normally found in the produce section near all of the organic salsas and vegetables.  They normally come in a pack of like 50.  You only use about 25 for the taco cupcakes, so with the rest of the wrappers, I suggest you make these Pizza Rolls.  Delish!
Sorry I was MIA for a couple of days.  Had a nice and relaxing weekend, but am now battling a little cold.  :(  Bought some orange juice and hot tea, so hopefully that will change soon!  Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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