Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

First of all, happy Leap Day everyone!  I've always thought it would be cool to have been born on that day, 'cause then I wouldn't have to lie about my age when I was older.  I guess being born on Hitler's birthday (also day of the Columbine shooting) is just as good. Um...not? 
But anyways!  Remember in my last post how I mentioned I got some moss to make a little terrarium?  Well, I finally assembled it all!  Here it's!
Preeeetty sure that skinny little one in the front is a weed?  Whatever though, I'll give it a chance. 
I want to get some little bitty animal figurines to put in there too, so that all the plants would look giant.  Like a little tropical scene!  It would be so whimsical! 
Also thought I'd show these guys:
I saw on Pinterest that once you cut off the green stem of a green onion, you can put the white parts in a jar of water, and the green will just continue to grow out.  Just snip off what you need each time.  I cut these off to the white less than a week ago, and this is how far they've already grown back.  I was pretty impressed.  About once a week I change the water and wash the roots off.  Pretty impressed!
Well, that's about all I got today.  Hope everyone had a good day!  Tomorrow is my Friday, and then girls' trip to the beach.  Yay!

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