Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

One of my favorite bloggers, Sydney from The Daybook Blog has a post she does every Thursday called "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" where she lists out some humorous awkward moments, and some uplifting awesome moments from her week.  My favorite one of these posts so far is probably this one
I was running short on ideas today, so I figured I'd take a page from her book (no pun intended) and do a little Awkward and Awesome Thursday myself!  Here we go!

~ Shutting my hair in the door of my truck not once, but twice in one week.  I blame the static for making it stand straight up.
~Having several people you have never ever met or even seen say "you're Timothy Helms' wife aren't you?" Uh hi, and you are?  It doesn't help that this normally happens on days when I haven't washed my hair.  Thank you, small town USA!
~Passing the same old man each morning who is walking to work (I guess he's going to work).  He never looks too sure-footed and always stops and watches me as I'm driving past.  He's usually at the railroad tracks too, so I can't just fly by unless I want to go airborne (like my mom once did in her rodeo).  I always try to avoid eye contact, but he like stares me down!  I can pretty much time my mornings by his location on that road, well that and the radio
~When the night of your first exciting blog contest/giveaway and only your family members participate.  Now,  a couple of non-relatives have since joined in but: Come on people!!  You're makin' me sad!  It's free Dairy Queen!
~ Pulling up beside the truck pictured below at a red light today.  That is a gigantic tire in the back of that truck.  Also, just about pulled a muscle in my side frantically straining to grab my phone that had fallen in the passenger floorboard so that I got get a picture before the light turned green.  The name of the company is The Big Tire Company.  That's...fitting?  You can see their number in the picture, just in case you're in the need for a giant tire. 
~ The Chinese restaurant being able to predict our order when we call.  When we've only ordered there a couple of times.  Pretty impressive.
~ That a lady I spoke to on the phone the other day at work sounded like she was straight off of the show Downton Abbey.  I'm talking, best British accent I have ever encountered.  I kept trying to think of questions to ask her so that she'd keep talking. Should that go in the awkward column?
~ The enthusiasm of the man who stands on the street corner in Cairo, spinning a bright yellow sign that reads "We Buy Gold"! After each spin, he passionately shoots his hand straight up in the air for a quick wave.  He's evidently decided he's a crossing guard as well, by directing traffic during light changes from his spot on the sidewalk.  I'm pretty sure he has more fun at his job than anybody...ever.
~ That one tank of gas will last me about 3 weeks now that I work so close to home.
~ When husband says my crockpot meals are the best.  Easy meals for the win!
~Aaaand that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! YAY!

Anybody else have some good awkward and awesomes from the week?  Share below! 

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Anonymous said...

Comments(awsome)from Julie's Nannie

~Paw-Paw finished restoring his 65 Mustang this week!!! Looks Great,Sounds Awsome...........

~I am taking a very very close friend, of 45 years, out to dinner tonight since today is her 67th Birthday. Guess where she wants to go? The Huddle House, her favorite place to eat!!